Cast Stone Finials

Finials are a great device for architectural elements.





Large Fountains for Gardens or Estates

Was perusing the large list of fountains at The Garden Gates and discovered the most interesting ones, the Large Fountains section. These look great on any lawn or field, estate or otherwise, bringing glamour and sophistication to any outdoor space.

List of 5 of the Best Large Fountains

The Provence Fountain

Named after the beautiful region of France, this garden fountain gives an air of sophistication and style to any courtyard, green space, and more.

Smithsonian Morning Glory Urn Fountain

Like the institution, this Morning Glory Urn Fountain is a classic, ready to make your lawn a winner.

The Delphi Fountain

The ancients would visit the oracle of Delphi to see what’s up, now you can come to your own Large Garden Fountain and see what’s happening.

Beaufort Fountain

Three Tiered Fountain of Awesome – and topped with a pineapple much like a cherry on a sundae cone.

Pallisades Fountain

Modern design meets the dignity of your estate.